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Meeting Marshall Goldsmith



Last couple of days have been pretty interesting for me starting from meeting Marshall Goldsmith on Sunday. The invitation for the event was out of the blue and thanks to Leni (a fellow coach) who got Marshall to the event and invited me for it. After getting into the coaching world, the first book that I ever read was “What go you here, Won’t get you there” and that pretty much set the standard for me as a coach. The dream was born: “To be a coach of Marshall’s calibre!”. Even created a persona around how Marshall dresses in my mind about myself :). Got myself a bunch of linen lowers and started tucking in the T-shirts :D.

What I wasn’t prepared for was meeting Marshall so soon in the journey and that too without any cost!!!. His sessions typically are very expensive and difficult to get seats in. While the session was great but the end where he wrote “Rajat, you can get there” on the copy of “What got you here…” was the real trigger point. The words were very powerful for me and were written at a moment when I was doubting myself as a coach and a startup guy. Meeting MarshallThe effect was so powerful, that in my mentor certification session the next day, everybody including Board Member of ICF (just boasting here :)) commented on the “different and not seen before confident” Rajat. The trend continued with a very powerful coaching session with a client the next day.

I don’t know if I ever will be anywhere close to what Marshall is but the dream continues to be there. May be it will happen… maybe it might not… there is a long road ahead but I am sure it is an exciting road :).

Thank you for reading through my rant 🙂

I would love to hear your comments/Feedback on the blog and have a creative discussion around it!!