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Are you scared?



Most of us (not all!) have the tendency to stick to the way we have been living our life. We are ok with the levels of satisfaction and enjoyment that we are currently getting, be it work, relationships, yourself or any other facet of our life. We do not want things to change. As the saying goes, “We are afraid to rock the boat”.

Given that I was part of the same set of people till last year, I am not pointing fingers here :). I was,  (including Sujata), scared of living our dream of starting on our own. We had been living in Gurgaon for 7 years and doing decently well at my job. Had a wonderful 3 year old (at that time!) and things were perfect as they were. We were just not ready to change or look at things differently. And then we decided to change everything. We shifted to Bangalore, Sujata left her job, I joined INSEAD and left my job too 🙂 and started on our own (Became executive coaches and launched Coach2Transform). So what changed? or rather what prompted us to change.Think out of the egg

At some point we realized that both of us had lost the passion in our current jobs. We had ran enough and we were just plain simple tired of more running. We were just not ready to accept the things as they were. Deep down we wanted change but were scared at the same time.  For once we decided to do things as per our passion and try it out. What also helped was the decision to join INSEAD. There I was made to think more deeply and be self aware of what I really want and what I am currently doing. I created a plan for future on paper putting down all that I aspire for and how to reach that. The rest is history 🙂 and is being currently written.

So ask yourself these simple but definitely not easy questions:

  1. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest), how happy are you with your life (personally and professionally)?
  2. On a scale of 1-10 (again 10 being highest), how happy do you think you can be?
  3. If your rating in question two is higher, then: What is missing and what are those things that you can do to get to the rating in question 2.

This is just a start to a wonderful journey. It is a life that you can live. Just know what you want and declare that you want them. Things will slowly fall in place :).

Don’t be scared. Go and rock the boat!!

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